Ho Ho Ho or OH NO???

It's that time of year!!

Do you get a sinking feeling in your gut when you know that you have a party coming up at your home or office for the holidays?

Do you get overwhelmed and feel under prepared—and don’t really know where to start?

Let me help!


I'll do things like:

  • home staging (make your house look like a holiday showcase to your guests)

  • party decor (Let’s make it FUN)

  • acquire all of party and holiday must-have's (hint: my “secret” details make ALL the difference in party success)

  • Christmas home decor (from tree-trimming to garland hanging, I will show you the perfect touches)


All so you can relax and have fun this holiday season—instead of dread the decorating days ahead.


You can smile and take in all of the compliments at your party. Enjoy the time with your loved ones—and your decorating elf will be our little secret.


Send me an email, and let's get the magic started!


Thanks! Message sent.