-10 Homes You'll Want To Model Yours After In 2019-

Merry Christmas everyone! It is that time of year. It's also really close to the new year, which I am also excited about! All good things ahead! What has been your favorite part of 2018? I'd have to say mine was getting engaged to my dream man, our big move to CO and the birth of our sweet baby girl. What a huge year it was for us! 2019 is going to have a tough time beating all of that.

Do you ever see pictures of homes and think... "Wow, I wish I could get my house to look that good." or "Man I'd love to get my kitchen updated like that." ? We all do. Maybe we will do it and maybe we won't. Either way, here are a few homes that will take your home envy to a whole new level, and maybe even push you to make 2019 "The Year of the Home". Wouldn't that be nice???

Check these out:


#KITCHENGOALS What is your favorite part about this kitchen? The culinary faucet? The contrast between then cabinets and the rest of the kitchen? The Blue leather barstools? This kitchen is everything you've been wanting and more.


Can you say dream bathroom? From the custom cabinetry to the custom medicine cabinets, this bathroom is to die for. What do you guys think about the open shelving underneath the sinks? I love the cabinets that go to the ceiling with the trim. Beautiful contrast. Notice how the bathtub matches the cabinetry color... it's in the details!


This beautiful living room in Jackson Hole, WY has a simple feel, with a flashy view. Who wouldn't want that to be the first thing they see every morning when they step out of their bedroom? The timbers in this space are unbeatable, along with that awesome custom window seat! The huge area rug adds just the right amount of character to this simple space.


Working hard or hardly working? In this dreamy Nashville office it's hard to tell! The double pedestal desk is classic yet contemporary, sitting on top of a beautiful hide that pulls together all of the black and white hues. The empty seating in the framed art leaves a sense of wonder to the viewer. What do you think?


Another kitchen from your dreams. The waterfall island counter is something from a movie. This whole kitchen is minimal, and I am all about it. It is full of long vertical lines leading up to a beautiful vaulted ceiling. The dark metal range hood draws your eye to it and looks amazing with the black backsplash underneath it. These both contrast perfectly with the white upper cabinets in this space. The textured pulls on the lower cabinets and refrigerator add a nice touch here as well.


This rustic modern kitchen has all the right touches. The antique style rug and the beautiful wood beams really compliment the modern black and white elements here. Sometimes less really is more, and it shows here!


The layering in this room makes it so cozy! The pillows, blankets and decor leave you invited and interested. The wall color goes from the baseboards to the ceilings, which is a great way to add character and dress a space up a little bit. The accessories make you want to explore this room and each piece it offers.


This little wine bar is the perfect small space to add to a kitchen, basement or even a bedroom! I mean why not?? It really speaks for itself, sophisticated with all of the right materials. I especially love the detail around the pendant light.


This bohemian style guest bedroom has a "free spirit" about it. Maybe its all of the tassels? Maybe its the peacock inspired headboard paired with the hanging egg chair? Whatever it is, I really enjoy it! I also really like the textured pink wallpaper. The black nightstand goes really great with the dark five paneled door. This whole room is a fun one!


Last but not least, this sweet little nursery. I really like the canvas curtains that divide the two spaces, giving the nook at the window a tent/camping feel. What an easy and fun thing to do for the kiddos. I also really enjoy the wallpaper in this room. The branches on the trees go so well with the antlers on the chandelier and the little moose over the crib. This is a cute, bright space for kids of all ages to play in.

Let me know in the comments below which of these spaces is your favorite. It's hard for me to choose, but I love #1,3 and 6. Heck I like them all, that's why I chose them. Don't forget to comment what your favorite part of 2018 was, and let me know what you've got coming in 2019! I'd love to celebrate with you.

Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year to you all-