-2018 Holiday Home Gift Guide You MUST See-

Hello Everyone!!!

Sorry I missed you guys last week... BUT, our girl is here!!! Aspen was born early Wednesday morning and we were able to come home on Thanksgiving. Anthony's mom was here the whole week, and was more helpful than we can even put into words. She even had a Thanksgiving meal ready for us when we got back on Thursday. She's amazing. Never overlook all that your mamas do for you!

Aspen has done great so far. We don't take bringing home a healthy, beautiful, baby girl for granted. What a blessing. She has done great sleeping and is a really happy girl. We were preparing for the worst, because you just never know with babies, and Anthony and I both agree that we got the best. (Not that we are biased or anything.)

Here is a sweet Aspen picture for you baby lovers---

So this week I've got a little bit of a different post for you guys. I have done some holiday shopping for you! I've done all of the research and have come up with a gift guide that I believe is going to be really helpful in your shopping. In fact, (most) everything listed below can be bought online and delivered to you within two days. There are some awesome home items, but also some really great personal items. Take a look and maybe you'll find some inspiration for other gifts that would work perfect for your friends, family and loved ones.

#1 Amazon Smart Plug | $24.99 (Now you can make Alexa turn on even your oldest of appliances.)

#2 Decorative Glass Jugs | $49.50 ea.

#3 Chunky Knit Blanket | starting at $25.88

#4 Storage Baskets (Seagrass) | $42.95 (Set of 4)

#5 Cube Accent Vase | On sale for $14.99 (silver or gold)

#6 Marble Triangular Book Ends | On sale for $39.99

#7 Laundry/ Blanket Basket | Large on sale for $33.84 (I have showed you guys these before, but I just love them. These are also really great for "gift baskets". A gift in a gift!)

#8 Wireless Phone Charger | $18.99 (These look way better than the block and cord you've got hanging over the kitchen counter, if you ask me.)

#9 Brown Galvanized Hanging Bucket | $24.99 (I see this with a pretty floral arrangement hanging on a front door. Can also sit on the floor.)

#10 Glass Hanging Terrarium | $6.99 ea. (Great for succulents.)

#11 Slate Cheese Board | $14.99 (Awesome hostess gift. Very cute and can write with chalk directly on the board! No more paper labels. )

#12 BBQ Tool Set with Cutting Board (6 pc) | $39.99 (Think dads, granddads, coaches, etc.)

#13 Antiqued Table Top Lanterns | $9.99-$19.99 (Year round table decor, or great for your empty bookshelves.)

#14 Vintage Inspired Speaker | $17.99 (Functional, and a conversation starter.)

#15 Stainless Steel Kitchen Sink Tray | $15.95 (Great for hand and dish soap, lotion, sponges, etc.)

#16 Oil Diffuser | $14.99

#17 "Magnolia Table"; Joanna Gaines Cookbook | $20.99

#18 "Homebody" Joanna Gaines home design book | $16.80 (originally $24.00)

#19 "Sophisticated Simplicity" home design book by Suzanne Kasler | $34.43 (originally $55.00)

#20 Bamboo Book Stand | $13.47 (Great for cookbooks in kitchen or for books elsewhere on display.)

#21 Holiday Crackers (8 count) | $19.99 (Neat idea for place settings at holiday meals.)

#22 Festive Bath Bombs | $14.97

#23 Cast Iron Infuser Teapot | $24.99 (Functional and a nice decorative piece.)

#24 Kitchen Utensil Set | $19.99 (Nothing looks better than all matching cooking utensils. Just sayin'.)

#25 Vanity Countertop Mirror (with ring tray) | $22.99

I hope this sparked some ideas for you all, if nothing else! Let me know what you think about this gift guide or if I can help with any other gifting ideas. Feel free to share this guide and help your friends with their gifting this year! Also, let me know in the comments which are your favorite items!

Happy December!!

Have a wonderful weekend-