2021 Seed Swap Info

Spring is comin' for ya and you better be ready!!

Our 2021 Seed Swap is underway and I am so excited about it! We had a great success last year and I know this year is going to be even better! We have already had a TON of interest for this year, which is a great sign!

Here is all of the info you need, and below are the FAQ's!


1. How many seeds should I send??

- The more you send, the more you will receive! With that being said, the less you send, the less you will receive. It just depends what goals you have for this year! If you are just starting out with your gardening journey and want to figure this thing out, don't worry about sending a ton! You will still receive a great variety of seeds in your return package, and you can get your feel for what types of plants you enjoy working with!

2. Is there a minimum amount of seeds I can send?

- Not at all! Send what you feel comfortable sending!

3. How do you distribute the seeds?

- Great question! I have worked really hard to make sure that this seed swap is fair for all of the participants. I lay all of the return packages out and put the name of the recipient with a number beside their name based on how many packages of seeds they send in so that I know about how many seeds each participant should receive in their return package. Hope this helps.

4. Does it matter what type of seeds I send in?

- Not at all! Send whatever you would like. Flowers, veggies, herbs, trees, bushes, whatever! The variety is great for everyone! This also helps with ensuring there is not a multitude of the same amounts of seeds sent in.

5. What does the $5 I send in cover?

- This covers the cost of the seed baggies, the envelopes for return packages and the shipping of return packages. I don't make a profit from the seed swaps! Just something fun I like to do for the gardening community.

Thanks guys! Let me know if you all have any questions. I'd be happy to come back and edit this page with answers to more questions.

Hope you'll join in!