---3 All Inspiring Ways to Master Holiday Decor---

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It's Friday! The Friday before Thanksgiving at that. Take a moment and think about all of the things that are going to be happening from here until the end of December... It always goes by so quickly!! How do we get all of the cooking, eating, shopping, working and everything in between done before NYE!? I don't know how, but somehow we get it all done. Now take a breath... and let's get going! We are attacking this day with positive attitudes and no fear of the future.

I have had a few people tackle me with questions on Christmas decor. For this post I'm mainly going to focus on the table because that's where a lot of the questions came from. After all, who doesn't love a carefully thought out table?! A lot of this information will work just as well on a mantle. But before we get into that... when is the right time to start decorating for Christmas and the holidays??? The answer... whenever you are ready! It's your home!! Make it EXACTLY how you want, when you want. If that means starting your Christmas decorating the day after Halloween, THEN YOU GO!! If that means putting a mini tree up the 23rd of December and calling it good, then that's great too. Seriously. It's your home! As long as you are confident and comfortable in it, then make it exactly how you please.

OKAY! Let's do it.

A lot of people really just have no idea where to start when it comes to decorating for the holidays, especially when it comes to the dinner table. I'm going to give you some tips and tricks on different ways that you can make it your own, without going overboard.

Personally, I like a lot of height variation when decorating for the holidays. Really just when styling anything in general, I prefer it. It brings a lot more interest. BUT, there are plenty of great ways to keep things on a smaller scale and still have your table looking great.

#1 Height Variation:

Example (photo via Lindsay Hines/ Tuesday Morning Blog)-

Height variation is a great place to start with holiday decor, but some people get discouraged by it. If you think about it, variation in anything is really pleasing to the senses. Whether it be colors, textures, heights, you name it. You can even go as far as to say sound. Think about if you heard a song that literally played the same one note OVER and OVER again... I'd be hitting the skip button faster than you could even say the word skip. It's the same way with our eyes and what we see. Buildings, furniture, greenery, it all looks better with height and texture variation. Something about seeing the same exact thing time after time just gets boring. "How can I see the people across from me?!?!" Well, when you're actually going to be sitting at the table you can easily move the taller items and put them back after a meal and it will look as good as new, just make sure the taller items that you choose are not extremely awkward and heavy.

#2 Minimal but Beautiful (and totally doable):

Example (photo via bridalmusings.com)-

Something like this can EASILY be done with what you have at home or in your yard. The greenery going down the middle of the table can be done with many types of evergreens... hello Pine! Tea candles can be found at Target. Click the link or find them in the craft aisle. If you're not sure what else to add to a minimalistic table like this, try adding small "vase" types of glasses (even jars would work here if you're wanting something a little more rustic) and fill them with red holly berries and water, placing them randomly in the clippings. You may want to throw some spruce clippings in there as well. Do you have any small pinecones in your yard? Try tying on some small name tags with twine for a really cute addition to your place settings. This is a really simple way to create a beautiful table, especially if you are on a budget or running low on time!

#3 Monochromatic and Merry:

Example (photo via @kingsley_events instagram)

Monochromatic... love it or hate it? If it's done right, it can be beautiful! The image above is an excellent example of this method. The table cloth, dishes, candles, even the clippings feel brighter than usual. If you want to add a little bit of color to this option, try adding some "napkin rings" made from your favorite greenery. This will add a nice pop of color and make this setting feel just a little bit more "festive". One thing that I really like about this table is the small white salt cellars with the tall clippings in them. Love that type of contrast... making the table a little more minimalistic. This is something you could inexpensively and easily do without having to move things around for people to see one another when eating that great meal you are preparing for the big day.

I was at HomeGoods this week, and they have a TON of options that would help with each of these settings. They are ready for the holidays, let me tell you! Like jam-packed ready and I love it. I had a hard time holding myself back. Anyways, they had a lot of unique things that you can't get at Hobby Lobby (even though I myself LOVE Hobby Lobby). Another great place with some fun options is World Market. Have you guys been before? They have things from all over the world at really decent prices. The options are endless and can bring a lot of cultural character to your home this season. Check it out and let me know what you guys think. It's always fun to find unique things for your home that not everyone else will have.

Next week I'm going to have a holiday gift guide that I think will be really helpful and give everyone some great gift ideas for family and friends. I've already got it started and it's definitely going to be a good one!

Is there something involving your home that you have questions about or would like me to do some research and write about? Let me know in the comments below, or comment on my Facebook page and give it a like. I love hearing everyone's feedback!

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