3 Design Hacks For Your Next Home Facelift

HELLO everyone! It has been a week or so, and I have missed you all! Let me tell you why I've been a little more absent than usual:

-doctors visits



-planning a wedding weekend


-time with family

-self evaluation

-refreshing my brain

-oh, and taking care of my girl who is now 7 months old!!! WHATTTTT?! I can't believe it.

So yes, it's been busy! BUT I am excited to share this great home inspiration with you guys to help bring some interest into the homes of everyone!

Let's goooooo!

Photo from Alice Lane Interior Design.

Why do I love this entryway? Let me just tell you!

First of all, the molding!! It's so beautiful and brings so much interest to the whole home. Not everyone loves moldings like this, but let me tell you why I do:

-Details! It's all in the details. The more design details that are thought and planned out like this, the more your home is going to feel unique and one of a kind. I don't think anyone ever looked at plain drywall and thought "Wow! This is so you!" Ya know?

-Depth, texture and height! All of these things help create a "grand effect", especially in a home entrance like this.

Without "wainscoting", the entryway would not feel anywhere near as tall and grand. The stacking of the boxes helps break up the space, having your eye follow them all the way to the top, making the ceilings feel even taller.

The beautiful tree does a nice job at emphasizing the massive ceilings in the space as well.

Also, the newel post here! Hello! The way that the railing curves down to that beautiful round newel post... perfect! The girth on that post creates a vision of stability, and I ain't mad at it!

I love it, Alice Lane!

This photo is from an awesome Instagram account called @ahousewebuilt.

LOVE these windows! They are amazing. They were custom built for this home, which is always the best way to go, if you've got the budget! You can emphasize some beautiful views if you have great windows to help!

Have you ever wondered why some homes have these great views, but they break the amazing views up with windows/ mullions etc.?

Like wouldn't your dream be to just make this whole wall a giant window so that you could be absolutely shocked by that view as you come in the front door?

Well, unfortunately, a wall that is almost completely glass is HELLA expensive, and also calls for custom work, not only by the window manufacturer, but also by the builder. Lots of extra load bearing beams have to be installed around the frame of the "picture frame" window as they call it, since your studs are not there to hold up the wall!

I think they did an amazing job with this wall, and the windows are very subtle, which doesn't mess with the amazing view that you get as you enter the home.

I stole this photo from interiorsonline.com

A couple of things I LOVE about this room:

SIMPLICITY! - The bench that goes along the back wall, how simple is that?! Simple, yet super functional and not to mention sooo comfy looking!

(Comfy because of all of the texture from the 100 pillows, and I'm not hating it!)

Also, the warm tones bring a whole different level of comfort to this space. Agreed?


ART! - How cute is the art and the choice of accessories here?!

If you are afraid to choose art for your home, here is a tip: art and accessories should enhance your space, not be an attention whore to everyone that walks in.

Now there are exceptions to this rule obviously, but if you are trying to create a well balanced and "zen" room, think of art as simply the polish to your manicure. It's still a great room/manicure without it, but when applied, boy does it make the rest of the space/manicure shine!

That's all I've got for you this week! I hope you enjoyed it and have got your wheels turning about what you can do in your home to make it the best that it can be.

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Talk soon!