3 Easy Ways To Make Your Home Shine During Your Holiday Get Together

Updated: Dec 9, 2019

Sometimes I get so focused on cleaning and making sure that the house looks perfect, that I forget the obvious stuff that people actually WILL see or notice.

I know I see more dirt and dust than the average person that is going to walk in, but seriously... sometimes I get a little crazy about it.

For example, last week when we had one million and a half people here for Thanksgiving, I worked my butt off getting the place to be spotless... and forgot to vacuum under the dining table... where of course the dirt, dog hair, crumbs, and all other yuck somehow just tends to float to.

Anyways... thankfully there is no cleaning police to kick me in the butt and I survived this major tragedy.


All of this to say, here are three ways you can have your house feeling close to perfect when the holiday crew comes to town:

1. Get Smelly

Making sure your home smells clean/ festive/ not like dogs. Even if your house isn't the most perfect it's ever been, scent can distract your visitors and make them think you've got it all together.. you and your clean smelling home. Way to go.

One way I love to do this is diffusing essential oils. There are also lots of all natural candles without toxins, and sprays that work great and will help get your family in that Christmas spirit.

2. Simply Decorate

Make your home festive, but don't get crazy. Too much seasonal decor can make your home feel cluttered and overrun your home!

Let your homes' "natural beauty" shine, and add the cherry on top with a few fun seasonal items, along with your awesome Christmas tree!

You can also make your table a focal point by creating some fun and festive place settings. Click HERE for some tips on table and home decor for the holidays.

3. Clean Baseboards

I'm sure y'all think I'm wild for this one, but it's so true!

Keep those baseboards and corners clean, and it will make your whole house feel less dusty/dirty.

With all of the people in and out over the holidays, who knows what gets tracked inside... but I'm sure you can agree that when it all gets piled up in the crevasses in your house, you feel like you need to do a deep clean. One way I like to do this is with a quick Swiffer duster. These things ROCK.

Hope these tips help!

What are some easy ways you keep your house in good shape during this busy season? Let me know by sharing this and tagging me @emilylgrimaldi or Emteriors on Facebook.

Merry everything!