3 Fast And Easy Ways To Better Your Home During "Quarantine"

Updated: Apr 2, 2020

If you are like most people, you want your home to be the best that it can possibly be!

Last I read, 1 in 4 Americans are "staying home" right now. Which... wow! That's a lot, but also yay, because we need to kick this virus.

If you're wanting to be productive during this crazy time, here are a few ways you can make your home better, especially while you're spending so much time there.

1. Fix up those windows!

I saw a great tutorial on using Walmart bed sheets to create window treatments! And it actually looked good. And that's saying something, coming from me. I'm picky with window treatments!

Although I couldn't find the IGTV that I originally saw, I found a great blog that is just the same, and it was created even before I saw the video, so I'm pretty sure this is the original one!

Check the blog by "The Wicker House" HERE.

This is such an easy and fun project, and SO inexpensive. Another plus, you can order everything online!!! #lessgerms

If you're unsure about curtain rods, check out THESE that you can find on Amazon. Or, just ask me! I can definitely help point you in the right direction.

2. Plant some green goodness!

You knew I was going to say that, didn't you?

Right now is THE TIME. The time to get outside and work in the yard. Get that yard looking beautiful. If you don't want to be outside all day, sow some seeds inside! Get your seeds ready for the beautiful Spring weather that is coming soon, (if it's not already where you are) and grow your family some veggies! Grow some flowers! You can get some ready to take outside, or get some planted in a small pot that you want to keep inside.

Another easy thing to grow... greens! Kale, spinach, arugula. All of these are SO good for you and amazingly easy to grow. Literally Step 1: Throw seeds on dirt. (doesn't even have to be IN the dirt) Step 2: Water. The End. Super easy.

To be honest, we live so far away from civilization, this quarantine is not affecting me like it probably is most people. I have already started my seeds in the greenhouse and also inside. Some of them need a little extra time and love to germinate, so they are inside by the window, getting the heat from the sun, without the harsh wind and snow that are outside right now. (at least for us in CO!)

Anyways, even if you're not into gardening... you've got to admit that its pretty fun (and kind of amazing) to watch something so beautiful grow from just a tiny seed. One that always get me is poppies... their seeds are SO small... yet they grow the most beautiful flowers.

Here are some easy things you can grow and order straight from Amazon.

1. Sprouts

2. Poppies

3. Succulents

4. Snake Plants

3. Learn something new and implement it into your home!

Okay, so we live in the easiest time EVER (and I mean ever) to learn something new. You literally don't even have to read a book. Or read anything! You can listen to a podcast and they will literally speak the information straight into your ears. Crazy, right? You can watch a movie, or if you do like to read, find a new blog to teach you anything you could possibly want to learn.

This may sound silly, and you may not believe in it, but learn about feng shui and implement that into your home. If you don't see or feel a difference, then move everything back. But hey, at least you learned something new, and tried it!

What about cooking? Learn some new recipes! Or organization... now we could all use a little help with that. Am I right? The point is... if you are one of the "1 in 4" that is finding themselves with a little extra time at home right now, learn something new! This could even be the start to your new career, but you'll never get there if you don't start somewhere!

Now, as for me, I'm hungry. So I think I'll go try that new recipe thing I was talking about. :)

Talk to you soon!



PS. I'd love to hear about your projects and plants and learning. Please shoot me an email and tell me all about them! emily.emteriors@gmail.com