5 Things Every Home MUST Have

Updated: Feb 19, 2019

I polled you guys on my Instagram, and "5 Things" was the winner! Next week I am going to do the "nursery to big kid room" topic because a lot of people also really liked that idea. I've got some great content for you this week though, so standby!

Happy Monday! It has been a chilly one here in CO this weekend. We had a relaxing weekend at home. I got my craft/scrapbook storage drawers cleaned out (which was a chore in itself). I LOVE scrapbooking, but ever since I started college at Georgia I NEVER had time to do it and my stuff got moved around and junked up. BUT... now I am determined to start Aspen's scrapbook and make it something great and keep up with it. Y'all may have to hold me accountable, but it's something I really want to do. For me and for her! I already bought all the things to get started, so that is going to be my project for this week. I will keep you guys updated. If you have any tips for me, bring them on!

I want to take a minute and thank you guys for reading my blogs each week! I have had so much fun working on all of this and seeing all of the growth. I am so excited to see what my hard work will bring me this year. Thank you guys for you love and support each week! Lots of love for you all.

Okay!! Enough of the mushies.

Here are the 5 things that every home MUST have:

1. A piece of art that you love

Having art in your home is a must. Most everyone has SOME type of art in their home. Art can be a sculpture, pottery, paintings, drawings, or great photographs among many other things. We are all guilty of buying something like this for our home that we "like" and know it will "look good". But do you actually love it? Is it something that means something to you? Make sure that you own at LEAST one piece of art that you love and have a reason why. It doesn't have to be super sentimental, but it must have some type of significance to you. After all, it's YOUR home.

I have these canvases that I just love, and I actually painted them myself (below). They have to go together for the piece to be complete. I was kind of embarrassed of it at first, because it's very abstract and has a lot of background, but I got over that and now I love it.

2. At least 1 live plant

Ok, everyone can do this one! I've got an aloe plant and Swedish Ivy that my grandparents gave me. I've kept them alive for over a year!!!! Now thats a long time, ok?

I have a tip that my Paw-Paw taught me that I am going to share with you... name your plants! Name each and every one of them. It sounds so elementary, but if you name them, you will remember them! "Whoops, forgot to water John today", see? Now you've got a sense of responsibility for these plants that you have, and you will take care of them. If that doesn't work, here is a list of plants that don't require much water or light at all... meaning you can forget them for a week or so. :) AND they can all be purchased on Amazon... did you know you could buy plants on Amazon? Now you do!

-Snake Plant

-Aloe Vera (one of the many great succulents that we all know and love)

-Monstera Deliciosa

-Pink Nerve Plant

-Lucky Bamboo

-Chinese Evergreen

3. A family heirloom

Something of value that has been passed through your family. This should ALWAYS be a part of your home. This can be jewelry, accent furniture, something sentimental made by a family member, a medal of honor, maybe even some type of taxidermy. It's important to remember what shaped you, and where you came from. You can live in the most pristine penthouse in New York, but if your home doesn't include some type of heirloom, it will most definitely feel like a hotel or a temporary living space.

Here are a few things that have a lot of significance to us!

4. 1 Chair that you enjoy

This one is different, but it's important. Whether this one happens to be your family heirloom, a love-seat that you can't get rid of, or maybe just an eye pleaser, a good chair is great to have. For me, it's the ghost chair that currently sits in Aspen's room. It's one of the first things I bought for my "home" after I graduated college, and I was so proud of it. I also really like the style of it and remember learning about them in school, so I think I'll always have some type of ghost chair in my home, even if it's not that one.

5. A family picture

Like I said earlier, it's so important to remember where you came from. Family isn't always blood. Maybe family for you is your group of best friends. Maybe you have a mentor that you consider family. This is one of those things like an heirloom that you need in your home to make it a little more cozy and a little less temporary. Make it YOURS. Find a picture of your "family" that you love and put it in a great frame that goes with your home decor. This could even be a photo of your ancestors. Just something that reminds you of YOU, and how you got to be that way.

OR you can do what we do... We have a "Pix-Star" that sits on our little "bar"/ raised counter and whenever someone sends pictures to the email address associated with it, they show up on it. It's so great and we really enjoy watching the pictures of our friends and family flip through it. My grandparents gave it to us for Christmas and it has been so great and a really fun way for us all to share pictures. It's also wonderful because we don't have to have 100 picture frames all over. (Even though I am definitely a frame kind of gal when there is space.) Here is a very sweet picture of Anthony, his mom and sister, that he really loves.

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