5 Tips To Sell Your Home FAST!

1. Get the "junk" out of sight!

I know this is a tough one... but you are moving anyways! Make your home as desirable as possible to the future buyer by removing personal items. Go ahead and pack them up and make your home as neutral as possible. You don't have to go painting everything if you don't have the budget, I just mean remove the personal items so that the buyers and better picture their items in the space! Your home should look super minimal at this point, which actually makes the moving in process easier for you in the long run! You will have already sorted out the "wants, needs, and junk" by the time you move into your new home, which will make moving in a much more enjoyable process.

2. Set the table.

This one is not that hard to keep up with. Set your table to look bright and inviting, and just set it all right back up after you finish eating. If you put dishes here that you don't normally use, that will make this task much easier to keep up with. They don't have to be fancy china, just buy some inexpensive neutral dishes from Target or Hobby Lobby and create a simple space for people to imagine a family meal.

3. Bold colors GOTTA GO.

The year was 2020 and everyone loved white.

Well the year IS 2020 and everyone DOES love white. And gray of course. It is a great idea if you have the time and/or budget to paint the interior of your home a nice neutral pallet. Check out this PIN for a great idea on some good neutrals for your home.

4. Smells be gone.

The only smells your buyers should smell when they walk into your home are the cookies you just baked to lure them into a sea of yumminess as they tour your home. I know you've heard it before, but its true! If you can't/ don't want to bake cookies all the time, then buy a candle or plug in that will serve the same purpose. But don't overdo it... you know? One is good.

5. BRIGHT pictures.

Whether you are taking your own pictures or hiring a professional (which will be worth it 10 fold), take your photos between 10:30 and 11am. PERIOD! This is when the natural light is the best and brightest. If you don't believe me... check it.