6 Color Hacks You Should Know For Your Home--

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This week we are talking about color!

One thing I love helping people with is color selection. Sometimes people just like a second opinion, and sometimes they just need me to get the colors out of their heads and nail down the exact tint or shade. They know what they want but when it comes to painting a room, there are thousands and thousands of paint colors, and it gets a little stressful when you have to pick just one for a space. I mean... light gray, dark gray, purple, brown, black, tan-- how do you actually choose?

It's crazy how color can instantly influence the way that we feel! One thing I have learned a lot about is color psychology. I want to share my insight with you guys so that you can have an idea of why you feel certain ways in certain rooms of your house and anywhere else you might go.


These days gray is a really popular color in the home. I would say this is because gray has a sense of calmness to it and when we get home, that's what we want--- even though that's not always what we get. This calmness is often when people are at their most creative state. It's like a blank canvas for your mind. Light gray can be romantic, and also act as a backdrop to let the other colors in the space POP.


When you want it, dark blue can really add sophistication to a space. Blue represents security, which brings a sense of calmness to its viewer, like we said with gray. Serene, yet powerful. Light blues represent trustworthiness and friendliness, making visitors feel safe and welcome.


Green hues are a favorite for a lot of people. My mom used to love using green when she decorated a space, and my sister does too. Green represents life and growth! When you walk into a space with a lot of green, do you not just get a burst of energy? That's because our minds connect green to nature and regrowth. Green is a healing color that brings unity and inspires us for future possibilities.


White, as you could have guessed, represents cleanliness and openness. White also represents purity and honesty. In a home, white is great because it can act as a backdrop (like gray) to more bold colors that you may want to use to accent with. Honesty... we all appreciate it, but we don't always truly want it! Especially in our home color palette with little boy Andy and puppy Fido running around! White can be extremely beautiful, it just takes a lot of maintenance. Challenge accepted or nah?


Red. Not one of my favorite colors to paint with, but thats probably because I like a clear mind and a blank canvas. Red is very dramatic and can bring passion to any space. It is a color used to bring attention to important things. That is why stop signs are red, along with alerts that we get on our social medias (super important, right?), emails, etc. Red is great to accent with if you want to bring drama and power to a space.

Tan, or some may say off white... This color is comforting, no doubt! It is also safe, as it goes with just about everything. I'd say it's a great backdrop as well! Depending on how dark you go, it may lack character. I like using off whites and creams when I want things to feel clean and open, but not extremely stark and stiff. While these colors are not as crisp as a straight white, they work well in homes that are of more traditional taste or if you are wanting to make your home feel open and warm.


That announcement I promised you!!!

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