6 Tips On Organizing Your Life And Home

Organization... It's something we all tryyyy to do, but aren't always great at it. Like everything else, it takes practice. In all areas of your life, most things that are tough, take practice to become great.

Here are a few tips to help you be the best you:

1. Keep a to do list

Preferrably a written one, but if you keep lists in your head really well, then that's great too. Always keep list because when you "finish" a list, how hard is it to start a new one? VERY. I know, I know-- The sense of accomplishment is fulfilling... but it's usually hard to get going again once you've completed a list, so just keep one going! BUT if you HAVE to finish a list, start a new one that you can work on next as soon as you finish the current one.

2. Make your bed

Now, I have gotten out of the habit of this, I'll be honest, but I can tell you from experience that this trick 100% gets me going in the right direction every morning. If I get up and make my bed very soon after, it gets the ball rolling and I am way more productive throughout the day. If you don't agree, watch this video. Bet you'll start making that bed, son.

3. Get rid of clothes

Now maybe you love clothes. If you are a clothes person, you still need to do this! If you haven't worn something in 2-3 years, it's time for it to go. But guess what? You just made room for some new clothes, if that is your thing. Hanging on to old clothes just "because" is hanging on to the past. Weather you believe me or not, you attach your events to your clothes--- good and bad. I have not worn dresses and shirts before because of the events that I attached to them and the memories that they held. Get new clothes, make new memories. LIVE NEW LIFE.

4. Spend time straightening

EVERY DAY. Ouch! Painful to hear that right? Spend 10-15 minutes just straightening up each day. This helps keep your home in order, and your mind. It also helps save time later in the week when you are dreading that Sunday clean-up.

5. Store what's "out of season"

That's right. Clothes, decor, accessories. Anything that is still out from Thanksgiving, Christmas, Valentine's Day because "it could be taken either way", store it. You are the one living there! You know it's out of season. Again, whether you realize it or not, it's connecting you to the past. Even if it is only a few months ago. We are trying to move forward here people!

6. Get rid of "stuff"

We all have the "stuff". If you have stuff that is just that, "stuff", it's time to go through it and let go of what is not necessary in your life anymore. If it is not moving you forward or bringing you closer to the person that you want to be, it's time to re-evaluate. The more "stuff" you keep, the more you are cluttering up your home and your day-to-day life.

Practice makes perfect y'all. That's all this is! :)

What other tricks do you have that help you stay organized (and sane)? Let me know, cause I need alllllll the tips, too.