A Marriage of Two Styles

One of the most common questions I get is "What can I do with what I have?" or "How can I update this room without spending a ton of money?". Well listen up because this post is about to solve those problems!

Bringing together two styles that are completely different can be a challenge. There are tons of reasons that people want to do it though... spouses have different tastes, you've grown out of what you formerly liked, and sometimes people just simply like two different styles and can't choose between them. Here are some tips to help you marry these two different styles, seamlessly:

Carpets and Rugs

So you have the giant traditional style rug that you don't exactly love anymore, but you can't quite get rid of it because it fits the space perfectly and let's be honest... giant rugs can be EXPENSIVE! So let's do this... layer! "Here she goes with the layering again" you say? WELL... layering a neutral style rug on top of that massive monster that takes up your living room or entry way can be an inexpensive way to bring new life into your space and make it feel less like a 90's family home. Choose a rug that is about 3/4 the size of the original, has much less of a pattern if any, and bam. There you have it. Easy upgrade!


So you've still got the brass two-tiered chandelier that also lived in the 90's? If you can spot your chandelier when you google "90's style chandelier", then the answer is yes and it's time to upgrade (or at least paint!). Easy fix and doesn't have to be expensive. Choose a new chandelier that is less "curly". There are plenty of options out there that are less traditional, but can still work with your mixed style space. If you are wanting to spend a little extra money here, Currey & Co. has some beautiful fixtures (to the trade only). West Elm has some really awesome sculptural type chandeliers that are interesting and can be great conversation starters that you can purchase yourself. Did you know that Target has chandelier/ pendant/ flush mount lighting options? Just sayin'.

Coffee Tables

In living rooms, coffee tables are an important part of creating the trad/mod vibe that you are looking for. Still in keeping with the traditional rug and possibly even sofa, you can upgrade your coffee table to a more modern style. It doesn't have to be exactly like this one, but the straight lines will help balance out the curves and curls of a more traditional style. This will help bring the two styles together and help make the room feel less heavy.


If you are a gallery wall person, a great way to bring that into your space here is with frames that are less bulky. Bring in frames with clean lines and thick matting. This will create a sense of cohesiveness to your wall, without being too boring and also without being too busy. If you're not sure where to find art, Minted is a great place to look and Etsy has some really cool shops with different kinds of art that look awesome. You can even buy the digital file and print it yourself, making it extra EXTRA inexpensive.

Sofas/ Pillows

Couches/sofas are another big expense that you may not be willing to replace. If that is the case, you can find new pillows for quite literally "a fraction of the cost" of a new couch. Look for pillows that are solid, or if you are a pattern person, make sure that the patterns are angular. Make sure that you check out Amazon for pillows. I have bought several throw pillows there for CHEAP. Just check to see if the pillow you are purchasing comes with the actual pillow insert. It's pretty disappointing when you think you're getting whole pillows and they end up just being the cover! :) You can buy the "pillow" part very inexpensively at TONS of places. If you're looking for nicer pillows that will last a long time and feel extra durable, let me know and I can help you find some great ones that are strictly to the trade, and of great quality (like the one below).


So have you noticed a theme yet? The traditional style that we grew up on has lots of curls, curve and bulk. Nothing wrong with that, but in order to marry these styles and older patterns with modern elements, we have to say "So Long" to some of them, and the HUGE furniture that comes along with them.

Quick notes to summarize:

-replace/update light fixtures

-if you have to keep couch, add new pillows

-more angular detail

-less bulky coffee table

-less bulky everything

-layer rugs

-plants in modern pots

-style coffee table so that it blends well with the room

-mix gallery wall (or just art in general, mix frames)

-modern spaces have more straight lines while traditional spaces have curves, curls, & more dimension

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