Aspen, Aspen: Read All About Her

Hellooooo to our friends and family! I figured it was time for an update since I promised I'd try to do them every so often! Our girl is about to be 4 months old, can you believe it? It's amazing to watch her grow and learn. Lately hand eye coordination has been her thing. She is checking out those hands and grabbing things like a pro. She is also growing these great, awesome, radical, talons on her hands. MY POOR SKIN.

Anthony and I were talking the other day about how people say that there is nothing better than a baby's smile, and it's sooo true, especially when it is your own. We were talking about how when we get to take her to Georgia, that everyone is going to just fall in love with that sweet smile. She loves to laugh and talk to Mom and Dad. If she has a full belly, she is the happiest and she will make sure you know it by having a sweet little conversation with you. She even laughs at what you say.

One thing that is true about this girl is that she LOVES Mama. She sure does love Daddy too, no doubt about that, but if I put her down, it is HELL. At first we thought something was wrong with her. Gas? She sounded like she was in so much pain and it just broke our hearts! Then I would pick her up and she INSTANTLY stopped. "OK that's weird..." Last week I went to dinner with some friends and Anthony watched her and she screamed bloody murder the ENTIRE time. I was so worried about her that I left dinner early and went to get her some medicine. I was talking to my friends at dinner, we thought she could possibly be teething and that's why she screaming. She's super drooly and keeps putting her hands in her mouth so I thought "yeah, that could definitely be it." Walked in the door to a SCREAMING baby, freaking out. As soon as I picked her up, SILENCE. At that point we decided that she is just having some attachment issues and you know what, that's ok. I don't really feel like there is anything we can do about that, especially at this point. I don't hate the extra baby love. :)

Lately it seems like I take care of Aspen and try to keep my head above water with everything else. I know you mama's feel that sometimes too. Everyone pulling at you from all of these different angles and you just get stretched a little bit thin sometimes. These days finding time for myself is laying on the couch in the afternoon while Aspen naps on my chest (like now). Or hopping in the shower for a few minutes to just breathe and get the vomit off of me. Life sure has changed, but I can surely say it is for the better. I am so happy to have a family of my own, and getting to experience so many new things together is a dream.

Speaking of new things, we finally took Aspen to church for the first time last week (kinda late I know) and she did so great! She slept on me in our little ring sling the whole time. I also took her to the grocery store with me for the first time that day and she just laughed and talked the whole time. She really is a sweetie if she has a full belly. FULL BELLY IS KEY. And naps. She needs naps, but she is having a tough time figuring that one out unless she is laying on mom. She loves when we say "Hey!" to her, and is almost saying it herself. Like I said, she has the best time with those hands, but she is also having fun checking out those feet and toes. It's so funny watching her flail her legs up after I lay her down.

We are all learning each other, but we are having a dang fun time doing it. I think mom learning has been the most fun. I love all kinds of learning, but mom learning... It's pretty cool. It's also pretty challenging. It's tested my patience. It's tested my sanity. Most of all it has taught me that my heart can grow more than I ever thought it could.

I'm bringing her home with me soon, so if anyone has any tips on flying with babies, please let me know! I am going to be a nervous wreck I'm sure. I used to go through with my dog Sammie all the time, so I guess this will be a totally new adventure!

Some things I could use help with:

1. How to clean out baby ears?

2. Tips on flying with baby?

3. When to switch from baby carrier to "4Ever" carseat?

Thanks so much everyone! We are thankful for all of the support that y'all have shown us. It's been amazing.


Anthony, Emily and Aspen