Aspen Is 6 Months Old!

Yesterday I turned 26 years old and today Aspen is "26 weeks" old. Now I am not one to count the weeks... but from simple math i realized that "Wow, she could be close to 26 weeks old, how funny is that", and then Siri told me that November 21 was 26 weeks ago. So there you go.

So much has happened with Aspen since my last update! She can roll over from belly to back and back to belly. She can "crawl" backwards, and almost is at the point to where she will crawl forwards. She has visited friends and family in GA and did a great job flying on the airplane. She gives kisses to Mom and Dad alllll the time now and she loves to laugh and to see new things. Aspen LOVES to pet her dogs and thinks it's hilarious when they play fight. She can eat some "solids" and sleeps through the night in her own room! She doesn't let anyone hold her except Mom. Sometimes Dad can hold her if she has a full belly with no gas. Still no teeth. Her hair is growing, growing, growing. She is the longest baby in the world and still has talons for fingernails.

Here is the breakdown:

Anthony and I are learning so much about Aspen, ourselves, and each other. We said just the other day that we don't know what we did without her. Some days are harder than others, and some nights even harder. As we learn what her belly can deal with for food, we learn more about her sleeping habits also. Right now she loves eating rice cereal and milk. She loveeeeessss getting that full belly! I'm not a fan of the gross faced baby pics, but I found one for you guys. You're welcome.

This girl loves to move and play. She's always laughing at her Dad and she has been learning more about crawling everyday, getting stronger and stronger! She can roll all kinds of ways and can scoot herself backwards when she is on her belly. She is soooo close to getting that forward crawl, and then I know she'll be unstoppable. Maybe my wrists will catch a break when she learns to crawl too.

Aspen has gotten to where she LOVES kissing us. She will just grab our faces and slobber all over them. This video below was from an Instagram story a few weeks ago when we had just gotten home from the longest car ride back from Denver ever. She screamed the WHOLE way. Just for fun. But it wasn't fun for Mom and Dad. I was telling everyone how mean she had been and then she decided to be sweet and apologize by kissing my face. That was the first time she really kissed me and, oh gees I just melt. She makes me cry... #mommyprobs

We LOVE getting to take her out about about, especially on all of the mountain adventures that we go on. A few weekly at minimum. Here are some fun outside pics of Aspen in "the trees" as we sometimes say (and no, that big white dog is not Sammie 🤪 )

We've had mixed reviews about who she looks like. Here are some side-by-sides. I'd love to hear what you guys think! Aspen and I as newborns, and Anthony and Aspen a little bit older (not same age obviously, but I think their little faces look identical here).

Thanks for reading up on our girl. We really appreciate all of the support we have received from our friends and family. She is a blessing far more than we ever imagined, and we are really looking forward to a summer in the Rocky Mountains with our little adventure girl.

Lots of love


Anthony, Emily and Aspen