August Color Of The Month: White Wisp

Hi friends!!

This month I'd like to introduce to you Benjamin Moore's "White Wisp"!

She is sassy, classy and a little bit smart-assy.

White Wisp is great for rooms that you want to appear brighter, especially if you already have a lot of natural light in the space.

This white is a warm white, acting almost as a light gray. This isn't generally a white that you would use for trim or moldings, unless you want to make a different type of statement.

She is genuinely a great neutral and won't make your room feel too crisp of stiff.

A great thing about White Wisp is that you can use her when you're mixing/blending finishes (woods, metals, textures, etc.) and it won't take anyone's side. #neutralpower #neutralwin

If you're looking for white that you can use on your walls in rooms that you actually live in, and walls that get touched... try this one in a "flat" finish. It will show the imperfections, but you can easily touch up the grimed up area without even telling there was ever a blemish in the first place. Or second. Or third. :)

I give you, White Wisp!

Until next time,