Back to College: A Guide To The Room You Wish You Had

Seeing everyone's back to school posts make me jump for joy at the excitement of growth and fluorishment. ( I mean I guess that's not a word, but it should be, and you know what I'm saying... right?) I would be lying if I didn't say I was a teeny bit jealous of all of those college students going back to school and linking back up with their best friends, starting a new year with new adventures.

College is a time that I wish I could go back to often! Best 6 years of my life...... :)

BUT since I can't go back, and time only moves forward, I've decided to make the most of it and help all of those that are heading back to campus and a -little- distraught about what to do with their new rooms in their apartments/dorms/sorority houses/etc. There are so many living options these days that you can create a living space, almost anywhere.

This week I've got THE BEST college room decor and necessities that I could find for you guys. I went through college for a while, so I know what you need and I know that it needs to be "space efficient".

Here's what you need to create the most space efficient (and also wallet efficient) room for this years adventures on campus:


Hear me when I say... THIS PRICE IS AMAZING, and is pretty unusual for quality bedding. #winning This duvet cover is basically the duvet cover of your dreams. With 5 stars on Amazon, you seriously can't beat the price. If pink isn't your dig, it's available in GRAY and WHITE too.

-heart eyes- <3

Need an insert? THIS ONE is super inexpensive and has great reviews too.


We have used these Threshold Target sheets for the past year and they are so comfortable, yet actually affordable. *hallelujah*

Of course you've got to accessorize that beautiful bed---

Bolster Pillow

Throw Pillow

Lumbar Pillow

Throw Blanket

Side Table

A little pricey, but perfect for your laptop and whatever else you may need within reach when you're snuggled up in bed writing that late night paper. (something I do NOT miss...)

More affordable side table


This desk is only $50... soooooo... why would you not???

Jewelry Organizer

Tiny yet fierce... Don't be like me and have a giant jewelry box that you carry with you to each college apartment/dorm. This is perfect... and honestly probably holds just as much. The simpler, the better!


Phone/Tablet Holder

On sale from nearly $30 to $8, with great reviews! Definitely a must for a college students desk.

Desk Pad

Lets face it. Your desk is messy. Especially in college. You need this desk pad. Give your work space some depth and have that one small area of the desk that is clear and functional... just like you.... right??

Reminder Boards

If you're like me and sometimes your phone/computer just doesn't cut it for the reminders that you need... these are great and they don't look like the usual drab bulletin boards. I don't hate these at all. AND they are only $10!!! I wish I would have used these in college. But then again... there's a lot I wish I would have done in college...


I recently finished both of these, and would DEFINITELY recommend them to anyone who is chasing a dream, or trying to find one. They are both encouraging and super inspirational. Written by two successful women that work towards their goals everyday. These are great reads for anyone in college because they are easy to understand, and fun. A great break from textbooks!!

Own Your Everyday

In reading "Own Your Everyday", you can completely feel Jordan's heart for people and know that she genuinely wants you to succeed and live your best life possible.

Girl, Stop Apologizing

(this one is especially great if you are starting a business, idea, blog, or any type of endeavor that is on your heart)

Here are a few extras you might like just as much as I do:

-These FANS are adorable and super high powered.

-A SHERPA THROW that we all need.

-DESK ORGANIZER that will save you for only $10.

-Time tracker WATER BOTTLE... also great for infusing water.

-Wireless COMPUTER MOUSE.. I've got this one and it works great, especially for the price... Can't beat it!!

Enjoy your time back in school... it goes too fast!

Unitl next time-



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