Conquering a Small Space on a Budget (feat. Baby Aspen's Nursery)

Updated: Nov 7, 2018

Happy Tuesday! You've almost made it to Wednesday, which is pretty close to Thursday, which might as well be Friday. WOOHOO!

Less than left for this mama until our Aspen girl's due date and I am READY! It's going to be such a crazy journey but we are so excited to get started. I got the chance to get her nursery finished up and photographed last week and I am so pumped to share it with you guys! It's been a challenge since we are renting and in a smaller space than we would like, but it turned out great and Anthony and I are both really happy with it! We wish the rest of our house looked as organized and nice as her room does. :)

A lot of the things we are using have been passed down graciously from my sister. They have given us sooo much and I couldn't be more thankful. I got the cream blanket over the crib at Steinmart, and the pillows at Target on clearance before I knew whether we were having boy or a girl. I think they are gender neutral, right?! Of course the letter board is from Target as well, along with the arrow curtain rod that I love so much!

Okay, this one I love. This is one of the first ultrasounds where we could see that she didn't just look like a bean anymore. I was so excited because we could actually see her profile. I mean, look at that little nose!! The pink frame is from Steinmart ($6!!!) and the sign in the back was given to us by one of my mom's friends that she grew up with. So special.

I really like this corner in her nursery. This is where most of the color is in her room. I didn't want things to be overwhelmingly pink or purple or anything like that. My friend Brandi sent us the little stamped bracelet. Isn't it cute? I think so. Something else special in this corner are the Willow Tree Angels. Now not everyone is a fan, but these were all given to me by really special people at different special events in my life. My mom also used to collect them, so maybe it's just that the apple doesn't fall far from the tree. :)

This is where we saved big time! This cube organizer, the metal baskets and wicker baskets are all from Target. Since this is such a small space, we are using the cube organizer for clothes, feeding, toy, etc. storage AND it's the perfect size for her diaper changing station. (woohoo for multipurpose furniture right?) This option also saved us a lot of money, rather than us buying a large changing table unit and dresser.

I am so glad we got to use her gender reveal canvas. Such a special piece of "art" that is inexpensive and brings so many happy memories every time I look at it. Speaking of memories, the "Ghost Chair" is one that we learned about in one of my classes in school and I just never could quite let it go. SO, a little bit about the ghost chair in the corner... also known as the Louis Ghost Chair. Phillipe Starck (a French designer) created this chair as he was designing a few bars in Paris in the 70's. At this time, lucite (clear, solid plastic) was a very popular material. He took a turn from the original wooden Louis XVI chair that usually has the same frame as this with an upholstered back. This chair is great in tight spaces because visually, it doesn't take up a lot of space. It almost lets your eye "rest", as I've talked about in blogs before. Now a rocking chair or something would be nice to have here also, but it would be really "heavy" visually in this space, and a little too cumbersome in my opinion.

Last but not least, Aspen's little book cart found on Amazon. I couldn't find the exact link, but this one is very similar, maybe even cuter! I used to use this as a plant cart, but in our new humble abode it's perfect in her room for books, pictures and the neat little antique clock that I found at a shop in Whitesburg, GA. The precious little teething ring is from Jordan Greenwell at The Modern Chew. She makes all natural teething rings that are just darn cute.

I had so much fun creating Aspen's little space. There is nothing like imagining her in her little crib, or pulling out those baskets to pick out her outfit for the day (or at least until it's time for the first change).

100% on a budget and 100% from the heart.

Until next time!



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