Decor For The Uncommon Home

Guys. It's already half way through January... and we are supposed to be going strong on those New Years "resolutions". How's that going? It's ok y'all. Lent is just around the corner and it's calling your name. Last year for Lent I gave up alcohol, and margaritas are pretty much my jam. So I gave up alcohol and then just after Lent started we found out we were blessed with baby Aspen in my belly. Now I am breastfeeding. So if you're not getting the picture... I HAVEN'T HAD A MARGARITA IN A WHOLE YEAR. Might as well make it two I guess. NOT. Y'all know thats a joke!

Anyways..... Sorry for that vent session there.

This week and last week I have been watching seriously every home show there is on Netflix. Ole Genevieve has got my heart stirring with these rental homes she is fixing up on "Stay Here". Have you guys seen it? You should. I'm also having fun watching ALL the Australian drama on "Instant Hotel". These people are petty and hilarious. So in honor of the amazing rental properties that I have fallen in love with on these shows, this week we are talking about decor for the uncommon home.

I've said it before, but it seems like people are so interested in making their homes beautiful, and not interested in the time that it takes to get them that way. Once they get started it's like they realize all of the time it takes and they give up, leaving their home put together purely from one or two places that are convenient to them. Totally fine, because that's where people like me come in and bring it all together. It really does take a ton of time to create a home that you love, that also doesn't look the same as Joe's over there. You've got that side table from Hobby Lobby? Guess what. So do 40,000 other people that saw it at 40% off and just had to have it. (Talking to myself here too... we've got these drum tables from HL end of summer sale that I absolutely love and they were sooo cheap.) It's totally fine, but if you want your home to be YOUnique ( <<< see what I did there??) you've got to take the time to pull it all together. "Curate" if you will. I've listed some great ideas (and cute inspiration) for y'all to start pulling your homes together the way you actually want them. KEY: Don't rush to get it done in one week. You'll find new places if you just do the research.

Get your brain rumbling and try some of the sites I've listed below by clicking on each picture!

Full length arched mirror:

You can put these literally anywhere in your home. Great for bedrooms that need that extra oomph..

New school cuckoo clock:

This clock would be great for a playroom or even a kitchen. Somewhere that you want to add something a little more fun, but not super colorful and obnoxious.

Detailed woven bench:

Benches are great for foyers, entryways, and mudrooms. I love the bench that we have at the end of our bed. It's perfect since we don't have a ton of space. I think benches are one of those things that you didn't know you needed until you have it. I use ours all the time and don't even realize it. Always add a bench.

Mod coat rack:

Yes, yes and yes. Coat rack and catchall. It's funny what these can become, but they sure are great. They don't even have to be used at the front door. Try one in your office!

Delicate polygon mirror:

Perfect for a powder room. Powder rooms are where you should add a little pop of personality. Make it fun and give them some cute, unique elements. Your guests will love it and you'll have the pride of a job well done when they rave about how cute that little bathroom is.

Starburst Sconce:

Nice looking lighting doesn't have to be expensive! You can find great looking lights lots of different places. Taking the time to find interesting lighting can make or break a space. Don't buy from Home Depot just because it's "easy". Take pride in your home and do the research. You won't regret it.

Bold statement art:

Art can control the whole mood of a room. Finding a fun piece of art that can make guests giggle is an easy way to lighten the spirits of a space and also a great way to bring conversations to life.

Luxury Sheets:

You can get greta sheets that don't have to cost an arm and a legs. Though, sheets are one place that you should splurge if you are big on entertaining or hosting guests in your home. They will appreciate the extra thought of their comfort. Find some that you like for your bed, and then share the love in that extra bedroom!

Retro-ish desk:

Desks in a home seem to be where a lot of people settle. Yes, Office Max offers desks... but again, not trying to have the same desk as Joe Shmo down the street that has ZERO personality. Know what I'm sayin'?

Book rack storage:

What a fun way to store some books in a different way. I feel like my dad used to have something similar to this on his desk 20 years ago... I guess what goes around comes back around! Anyways, simple way to store books without having to stack them on top of each other. Break them up a little!

Llama llama:

Something like this is just a cute little character that you can add to your little one's room. This door stopper is fun and functional... Mama likey.

Shelf bracket beauty:

Another thing that can easily be bought somewhere besides Home Depot and Target. Sometimes it just takes an extra second or two to think... "Hmm, can I find something with the same functionality but more personality?"

H&M Throw:

Bet y'all didn't know H&M actually had cute home stuff. It's actually decently priced too. $25 for a throw that looks great? I think that's a steal. Great for your home or even for a gift.

Laundry bag bliss:

Now this is cute. I think I'll have to get us one of these... much better than the baskets! Even though those baskets are pretty easy.

Tall Planter Box:

CUTE for in front of some windows. OR outside. Either way a tall planter box like this is super cute and can bring in the green that you want with whatever type of plants you may choose. I personally like the snake plants because they don't require much care at all... meaning you can forget them for a week or two and they will be fine. We had them when I worked in Greenville and we liked them for that reason! Also, they just look nice and don't draw too much attention to themselves.

Not so average curtain hardware:

Curtain hardware... Yes thank you! Much better than the ones I found at a yard sale in college.... whaaaaaattttttttt?

Ottoman Tray:

This one is faux shagreen. Love the texture on it! These are great for magazines, candles, little trinkets and whatever else your heart desires to be close to you while you're sitting back relaxing in that big comfy chair. Maybe a margarita perhaps?????

Box spring cover:

If you have a bed frame that you love and you don't want to cover it up with a dang bedskirt, these are a great alternative!

Thanks for reading everyone!!! Remember, if you haven't heard... I'm doing color consultations now! Paint is such an easy and inexpensive way to "update" your home. Sometimes you just need an extra set of eyes. Click HERE to learn more about Color Consultation services and to contact me. You know, just check out the whole website. I did some "website reno" last week, and I think y'all will really enjoy it. Let me know!!

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