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Updated: Oct 22, 2018

Hello Everyone!!

I am so excited to get things launched with this interior design blog! I always get so many questions about design so I decided that starting a blog and writing would be super beneficial to everyone that is interested in design, or even if they aren't quite interested, but still want to make their home a comfortable space. I'd love for you all to check out my "ABOUT" page to learn about my background in interior design and learn about why I am so passionate about it and want to help others in this area.

A lot of people ask "Why interior design?". The answer is pretty simple for me! There aren't many things better than walking into a space that you know was thought out and planned for YOUR comfort. When we are comfortable in a space, it helps us relax and time out the chaos of our lives. It feels so great to just sit and experience something, rather than come home and continue to worry about the craziness that each day brings. When I get home I love being able to relax and take a break from the day-to-day worries. It's also great being able to go to a specific place (whether it be home, the office, or even school) and know exactly what you're there for. That doesn't mean the office has to look like "boring ole' work"... that means that with a little help, the office can look like "let's get this day rolling and show it who's boss".

I am SO into utilizing time and space. This means ORGANIZATION (not something I've always had a thing for, let's be honest). When you have a space organized, it makes it so much easier to function. Not only for your brain, but also for your business! Organization is one of those things that we have to stick on top of because it can easily become "undone". In future blogs I'll share tips on how to organize small spaces, and utilize the space that is given to you. Living in "close corners" for the past few years has really made me up my game in this area (especially living with someone who is very orderly). Not only does organization take time, it takes discipline! We could all use a little help in that area, am I right??

Another thing people ask me is where I get my inspiration from... the great world outside!!! Travel!! Even if you don't have the means to take a long trip, hikes or walks are great ways to get inspired for a space. Just look around you! All of the beauty in nature, the architecture, the people, art... THIS IS INSPIRING! Check out this design board I made for a sitting area from the inspiration I got from just one photo---

All of these things that inspire are something other than ourselves! That is the best part about inspiration. It doesn't have to be this grandiose trip across the world that finally gets you going. What about the beauty of Fall? The leaves changing, the air crisping, the animals adapting? This all in itself is enough for me to stop and gasp. We just have to learn to make things simple again. Once we see the beauty in these simple things, we can much easier begin to think for ourselves what type of design we want for a particular space.

What would you like to read about? Is there an interior design area that you struggle with? Please let me know in the comments what you'd like to read, or what major questions you might have. I'd love to hear feedback and suggestions for future posts!

Thanks everyone! Looking forward to this adventure



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