How Much is TOO Much in Home Decor and Styling?

Updated: Mar 19, 2019

How's it going? Busy week this week?? I'll never understand how weeks can be so busy and go by so quickly. This is the 38th week of my pregnancy and needless to say, the closer we get to that 40th week, the faster these weeks just zoom by. Is anyone ever actually "ready" when the time comes? No. The answer is no... right?!?!

Well here we go!!

I got a great question last week about how much "stuff" is too much in a space, and how can we keep our personal "stuff" out in our homes without looking junky...

GREAT question. We all want our homes to look beautiful and clean right? Sometimes we think that means that we can't have our personal things (collectibles, handmade gifts, scrapbooks, family photos, etc.). Not true! Some of the greatest things that we can have in our homes are the things that make us "us". After all, not everyone wants to live in a white "sterile" home that doesn't look lived in.

One great way to incorporate your things that make you "you" is to bring your pictures in! Photos of family, friends, pets, achievements, or even beautiful plants that you just love... bring them in your space! Now, gallery walls aren't for everyone, but what about matching picture frames for all of your other surfaces? All matching picture frames (different sizes of course) is a great way to bring a room together. If all of your rooms are connected on the main floor, consider keeping the same type of picture frames throughout that level. If you are one who likes gallery walls AND frames on the different surfaces in your house, consider one color frame for the walls, and another for the tables, bookcases, etc.-- maybe even different textures (ex. matte on wall vs. more natural wood on other surfaces). I really love the way black and white pictures can calm a space-- still all of the personality once you look at the photo, but not as much chaos when you have multiple photos in a single space. This is a great way to get that personality in your space, including those pictures that you just can't let go of. It's super easy and inexpensive to get photos copied to black and white.

Another great way to incorporate things that you love from your past (family heirlooms, furniture, antiques) into your current space is to pick the ones that you just can't live without-- nothing says you can't trade pieces out throughout the year and switch it up every now and then. Find a place where they fit, or if you want to make them a focal point, find a place where you have room to focus on that one piece. For example if you have an iron piece of furniture that has been in your family for years, why not mix that with your current more up to date furniture? A lot of people are scared to mix old and new, but there's no reason to be scared! It's YOUR space, so you want it to reflect you and the people that live there. That is what is most important. In some (really most) cases, antiques just compliment the newer pieces all the better, or vice versa! I'm a fan of restoring old pieces as close to their original state as possible, so that you can see their true character. Some people do a great job "distressing" different items, but sometimes that can be overdone and truly take away the character from such special pieces. Maybe the sentimental value is still there, but the original beauty of a piece can completely be transformed if it is put into the wrong hands. It's hard to keep a timeless antique "timeless" when you cover it up with an inexpensive bottle of paint, if you know what I mean.

So to answer the question about how much is too much, I think that is subjective, but generally if it crosses your mind that there might be too much on display, then there probably is. A good way to challenge what you have already styled is to look at what you have on display and see where your eye goes. If your eye doesn't have a resting point and you just get "lost in the sauce" of all the great things that you have, then its probably a good idea to store some of the things that you've put out and trade them for others later in the year. That is one good thing about having so many great things that you've collected over the years-- you can store them and when you bring them out to trade with what you've already got on display, it looks like you totally re-accessorized and you get to have all new memories put out for everyone to see. I think that when accessorizing, it is definitely important to mix old with new, like we were talking about before. If you find some new small things that you like and think would go great on your bookshelves, don't be afraid to buy them! Chances are, you could use a few new pieces to rest those eyes on anyways. Surprisingly, Amazon Home has some really great looking baskets (we use for blanket storage and laundry in Aspen's room), vases and other nice small decor items that would work great when working to "revamp" your home.

I'll leave you guys with this quote from William Morris who was an English textile designer, among many other things--- "Have nothing in your home that you do not know to be useful, or believe to be beautiful."

Happy Monday, and thanks for reading!

As always, let me know if you have anything you want me to write about or dig a little deeper into. I'd love to help!