How To: Create Your Home's Personality

Is it just me or is summer already flying by? I can't believe how fast time is flying. We moved a little further north, up into the mountains, last week and the days are absolutely beautiful. I am having a hard time catching up with everything that needs to be done. With a little girl that clings to me for dear life 24/7, there's no wonder I feel like I don't get much done. Yes, I've got all of the wraps, carriers and strollers... but guess what? She's still heavy and I think by the end of this summer, my arms and back are going to look like a she-man from lugging nearly 20 lbs around each day, everywhere I go. I know she won't be like this forever... but that doesn't help my back!


One thing that is important to most folks is the way they perceive their home. Whether you know it or not, the way you perceive your home influences your attitude every single day. If you do not feel like you can kick your feet up and relax in the place that you call home, that is a problem! If you don't feel like that at home, imagine... when could you ever feel relaxed and take a second to breathe and collect your thoughts? When I am relaxed and comfortable is usually when I have the some great creative thoughts and ideas. I think that most people are that way as well! Let your mind run free and do the work for you, if you are a creative.

Creating a personality for your home may sound easy, but do you know how many personalities there are in this world? And do you know how many people/experiences influence each and every one of those people/ personalities? Basically, it takes a lot of effort and a lot of time to "create" a personality. Why would it be any different for your home? It's hard to like someone who is 100% always (__fill in the blank__). Don't you think it's also hard to enjoy a home that is 100% "vanilla" also? Vanilla in this case would be a home with everything super bland, stiff and the same.

So how do you create a home that has personality?!?!?!?!

First you have to dig and decide what it is that you are actually looking for in a home. What do you want to feel when you walk into your home? What do you want others to feel? Remember, these two things are likely to be different because your guests don't walk in your home as often as you do, and generally they have a different mindset than you do when you enter. Old country homes are usually filled with wood, reds, greens, neutrals and lots of texture. Even the pots and pans that are showing your kitchen bring together a personality in your home. Modern homes are filled with straight lines, white and black and very few pastels. Traditional homes are full of curves, dimension and often times furniture that is also very curvy. All of these things make up the different styles of homes, but it is up to you to create your homes personality.

One way home personality can be created with the accessories used; like picture frames, fabrics used on sofas, pillows, etc. If you want to create a welcoming environment, the more curves the better. Sofas, fabric patterns, rugs. Anything that is "free flowing" and natural is usually part of what makes a place feel easy to relax in. Like you know when you are around people that are stiff and not a fun personality? Yeah that's completely uncomfortable for outside people to be around, so just imagine a home like that. Not. Cool. So the more that you can create a free flowing space that is easy for the eyes to follow and wander, the easier it will be for you and others to feel comfortable in the space as well.

So if you take anything from today's blog, let your experiences shape your home while they are shaping you. Your home should be ever evolving, just like you!

Emteriors is in progress of creating a shop where you all shop mood boards! I can't wait to be able to share this with you guys! I'll be blogging about exactly how you can use these boards to create your home and bring it together exactly how you want to, on your terms. This is going to be such an amazing feature because you can pull your home together all while being inspired by great design boards and elements that you can purchase directly from . When everything is ready, I'll write a blog to share exactly how you can use this feature.

Talk to you guys soon!

Have a great weekend