How To: Monochromatic Spaces

Monochromatic decor.. .yes or no? I think if you do it right, it is GREAT. Monochromatic rooms can make a beautiful, bold statement. But how do you confidently create a room in using this method? I've got some tips for you this week that can help you bring your own monochromatic space to life.


When you are creating this type of space, you first need to choose your neutral color that will essentially be your base. I like white, but gray, tan or cream work too! When you start with a neutral base, whatever color you choose to be the star of the show will look great. It will shine when it has a neutral backdrop.


Don't be afraid to add these two elements to your space. In fact, you want your room to have some depth, don't you? Patterns are a great way to bring in the depth so a room doesn't feel quite so "sterile". Patterns themselves will bring in visual texture, but if you don't like prints, try different types/weaves of fabrics. Some examples you can look for are velvet, basketweave, flannel, houndstooth, twill, and satin. There are lots of ways to incorporate these into your space: curtains, pillows, accent chairs, rugs. You can even incorporate these elements of pattern and texture in the art that you choose for a space. Here is Aspen showing her love for monochromatic texture 🤪


Metals will look good in your new space because it is grounded with the excitement of your main color. A great way to bring in metals is with accessories. Tables, mirrors, planters, frames, decor, even light fixtures and lamps; these are all great ways to bring in metals and mix up your space.


Monochromatic spaces are absolutely timeless because you aren't following a trend. When you are choosing your space, you are choosing based on a color that you enjoy and not a current trend or fashion statement.

Bringing in antiques along with newer pieces can really keep a space from feeling dated at any point in time. Don’t be afraid if you find some wild antiques... all the more fun!!

What thoughts and questions Do you have this week? I'm all ears.

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