How To Run A Successful Online Seed Swap

Updated: Apr 2, 2020

We just finished our FIRST EVER seed swap, and it was amazing!

You may be wondering what in the world made me want to host an seed swap... well let me just tell you.

My family and I live way up in the mountains of Colorado. Only a few miles from the Wyoming state line actually. The winter is SUPER harsh up here and it has been a tough one. This is the first time we have had a winter this harsh, and it has been long and drawn out. SO, I decided to host a seed swap to get everyone ready for spring, including myself. Thinking about the beautiful weather, flowers, veggies and good times ahead is a great way to stay positive and keep happy thoughts at the forefront of my mind. I know you guys know what I am talking about!

This seed swap was great. I conducted the whole thing, and organized the seeds, got them packaged and sent out, and poof... all is well!

Here's how I did it in case you are wanting to host one sometime. (I highly recommend it.)


First of all, I created a signup on I wouldn't say that it is absolutely mandatory, but it definitely helps when you are trying to figure out how many seed envelopes to order and how much work you are going to have ahead of you. PSA: Not everyone used the signup genius, but it is still nice so that you can email your info sheet to the people that sign up.


I made an info sheet! This was a PDF that had all of the guidelines of and questions that I thought people may have, info on where to send the seeds, etc. See the images below as a guideline:


I shared it! I talked about it on my Instagram @emilygrimaldi.emteriors. I shared it on Facebook, and I even texted a few people who I knew would be interested. Each time I shared it, I made sure to invite people to share the seed swap image with their friends and invite anyone they wanted. The more people who send seeds, the more seeds everyone can receive on the tail end!


As time came closer for the deadline, I reminded everyone with a few posts again. I did end up pushing the seed date back because everyone hadn't gotten their seeds to me yet, but once I got them all.. bingo! It was time to get the packages organized.


Organizing all of these seeds might seem like a daunting task, but I have a 15 month old baby, and I got it done, so you can too! I took time during her naps each day and just plugged away. I had some envelopes that actually matched my seed envelopes that I wrote everyone's names and addresses on. I then laid them out on our large table and also put a number above each envelope telling me how many seeds each person sent. This helps when divvying out the seeds to make sure that everyone gets a fair amount of seeds.

Some people sent the seeds already divided up and in little baggies/ envelopes and others sent full seed packages and I divided them up myself. I ordered seed envelopes on Amazon and divided the seeds up to where each envelope had a good number of seeds, enough to make it count, but not so little that it is a waste of time for everyone.

Not everyone gets every type of seed, but the people that sent a huge amount of seeds, I did my best to make sure they got almost every type of seed that was sent, but this won't always be an option.


I made a Google Drive folder/doc and uploaded the images front and back of each seed package that I was sent. Just to help get the seed info out to everyone. I included the link in the info email that I sent out before I sent the seed packages.


I packaged them all up and got them sent off! Everyone sent $3 to cover the cost of shipping for their own seed packages. Some people's packages had to be broken up into two!

I hope this was helpful! When I was looking for info on how to host my own seed swap, I couldn't really find much info or help, so I thought I would share my experience.

Happy planting!