January Color Of the Month: Library Oak by Behr

Updated: Apr 2, 2020

Happy 2020!!

I can hardly believe we have started a new decade!

Everyone talks about their goals for the new year and what they are going to change. PLEASE know that if you don't have huge goals for this year, that is ok! You are enough just the way you are. If the biggest goal you have for this year is to be a better version of yourself each day than you were before, then I think that is pretty dang great.

Ok. Rant over. :)

The color for January is......

Library Oak, by Behr! (N270-7)

This color is beautiful, and there are so many uses for it.

This brown is such a natural and beautiful color and would be great for accent furniture in a dark space. This would create a moody atmosphere and it would go great with elements like rock or other natural elements that you may use in a space.

I originally choose this color because it looks like aged copper, which is one of my favorite materials to work with!

If you like the idea of stained wood but aren't quiet into the "lines" that natural wood has, Library Oak is a great option to use to have a similar feel to natural elements like a stained wood or copper.

Depending on how bold you are feeling, Library Oak would be a great color for trim in a dark gray or charcoal painted room. LI have a lot of options for these colors as well! Let me know if you need some help!

What are you going to use Library Oak for? Tell me in the comments below!

Happy New Year!