July Color of the Month: Languid Blue by Sherwin Williams

July 2020!

What a time to be alive. This month the Color Of The Month is Languid Blue by Sherwin Williams.

This is a blue you aren't going to want to skip out on. It's beautiful on the exterior on your home, but also great on the inside.

If you are wanting to refinish some furniture with this color, it would be beautiful on a chest of drawers or buffet type piece of furniture.

It is a beautiful accent and goes great with all of the neutrals you have in your home, and is an EXTREME compliment of white.

If you have a beach house, or are interesting in creating a beach feel in your home, this color is a great place to start.

Good luck! As always, let me know what projects you use this color on! I think it's amazing.

Talk soon!