Lighting Your Home

Something we don't realize that makes such a huge difference in a space is the choice of lighting. Can lights, chandeliers, pendants, lamps, sconces, flashlights..... you name it. Some places don't need much lighting, while others beg for it. Chandeliers, pendants and lamps are all decorative and can easily make or break a space.

The best light that can be used in a space is natural light. Natural light brightens a space with much prettier light than any type of lamp or overhead light ever could. One reason natural light is so great is that it doesn't cast false colors on its subjects. Whether it's people, furniture, plants, pets, etc., natural light is always the best. In your home, always utilize natural light when possible. When people want to create that "light and airy" feel, natural lighting is essential. If your home or space doesn't have a lot of natural light, try using lamps with LED bulbs. LED's offer bright white light which will keep away the yellow casts and make your space feel more natural and bright.

If you have a home with low ceilings, but you still want to make a statement with a light fixture, try using a fixture that is open, or has mostly glass. Having a chandelier or pendant that isn't bulky with a hefty presence can keep the space open and light because it doesn't take up so much visual space or block what light is in the room.

Below are some great examples of open fixtures that are great for rooms that are smaller, or not well lit originally:

When choosing lighting for a living room, a lot people will choose ceiling fans with lights on them. If that's just something you love, then go for it. If its just something you think you are supposed to have... rethink it! There are so many neat ceiling fans that do not have lights on them these days. If you need a ceiling fan in a living area, choose one that doesn't take away from the design of the space. A simple fan without lights can make a big statement. You can light your room with lamps, which will feel more intimate and do not cast shadows on everything.

Here are some great fans that don't look like they belong in the 90's:

Often times we get so focused on having overhead lighting, that we forget about the accent lighting. Personally, I would rather have multiple lamps than have an overhead fan with a lighting feature. I'd rather choose either just a ceiling light, or just a fan. Either way, most spaces do generally call for decorative lamps. Where do you buy them? I love antiquing, and thats a great way to find unique lighting! HomeGoods also has great lamps at great prices! If you're looking for nicer lamps, try looking at Perigold or even other online retailers that are available to the public. Even Target has nice looking lamps like these! Their lamps are priced all over the spectrum, so you can definitely find something that you love. World Market has some amazing lighting that is unique and fun. Chandeliers, fun table lamps and much more!

If you love antiquing, try looking for a piece that you can turn into a light fixture! There are limitless options when it comes to creating. When you find something that you love, you can easily talk to an electrician and see if they can help you turn it into your dream chandelier. You will be super proud of your one of a kind chandelier that you can show off to your guests.

That's it for this week folks! I hope you got a little bit of a takeaway on lighting and can choose lighting that you love for your home. Remember, lighting is a great way to bring in personality to your home.

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Lots of love!