May Color Of The Month: Cast Iron by Sherwin Williams

Happy May! I can't believe we are flying through the year as fast as we are.

The past few months have been so interesting, wouldn't you agree? Like who would have thought that we would all be cooped up for months on end during the year 2020 because of a health pandemic?

"Strange times" as Joe Rogan would say.

BUT we still have to live and dream and better ourselves (and homes). So let's get to it.

This month the Color Of The Month is........

Cast Iron by Sherwin Williams!

What a beautiful green, right?? Talk about bringing nature inside.

My husband said this green is almost exactly the same as the OD military green (OD=Olive Drab... you're welcome. And yes I had to Google that). He also said it's about the same color as my eyes. Compliment or nah? :P

Now that these mountains are starting to green up a little bit, I may even say it looks like a Rocky Mountain Spring time green.

This pretty color also appears a little more gray at times. Hence the name "Cast Iron". (But can we talk about how it looks almost blue in the photo above?... Crazy)

Cast Iron would be so pretty for an accent piece of furniture or even some lower cabinets in a kitchen! I am all about this green with a nice gold accent. I'm thinking some beautiful antique brass pulls! (all the heart eyes) Yummy contrast.

Learn more about Cast Iron HERE.

Hope you all find a fun project for this months color!

As always, send me your project pics! I love seeing what everyone is working on!

Talk soon!



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