Mommy Mindset

It seems like these days there is even more pressure to be a great mom. Or at least look like it. From all of the Instagram model mommies, to the organic, vegan, gluten, soy, dairy, carb free mamas... it can be a little daunting to find the place where you fit in, or figure out the type of mom you want to be.

Like, how do these people get that way, and what percent of them actually live even a similar life to the one they project on their social medias?

I totally love Instagram. It's my favorite tool to connect with people and also to reach out and meet new people. Not everyone has friends around them that are moms or in the same stage of life that they're in, so it can be really hard and sometimes feel lonely. In fact I was just talking to a mommy friend the other day about how she had zero mom friends around her that breastfed, and she just needed someone to relate to her. That shit is exhausting, so I totally get why! (This is not a "breast is best" post.... A FED KID IS BEST. Just getting that out before we get any further.)

While social medias can be encouraging, they can also send you into a deep whirling pit of why's, why not's, and comparison that is super unhealthy. I have gotten to where I will only let myself "check" my feed/notifications once or twice a day at a certain time. If I want to post a video, great, but I'm not checking who saw it or replied or any of that, until my given IG times for the day. It gets absolutely exhausting and just consumes you if you let it.

Sister we gotta nip that in the bud.

Here's where the mommy mindset comes in.

Are you bettering yourself or your little one if you are glued to your phone?

Most likely not.

Want me to tell you how to get a mommy mindset? Start off by narrowing down what brings you joy (besides purely your kid).

What is it? Is it doing things for your family? Is it going for a run? Yoga? Jesus? Reading? Heavy lifting?

Whatever it is, make that the first part of your day. Literally the first thing that you see or put into your mind in the morning. Some of you may need to turn those notifications off on your phone at night so that they aren't the first thing that you see in the morning.

No judgement. I turned off my IG pop ups completely.

So just do it.

Maybe it brings you joy to just have some peace and quiet time to yourself in the morning. Doing nothing. Clearing your mind so that when you wake up your little lovechild in the morning, your mind is fog-free and you can give them your full and complete attention along with the best possible you that they deserve and need.

I love how Rachel Hollis talks about goals and writing them down each morning! I have started trying to do that most mornings, and when you write something down, it becomes real. It's not just floating around in your brain where you can forget it, or "forget" it, if you know what I mean.

-encourage 5 people today

-show grace to someone who doesn't deserve it

-watch my tongue

-grow my blog or business by doing "x" today

-make $3000 sale

Whatever goals you have, write them down. Big or small. Eventually they are going to happen! Giving yourself something to work toward like that will put you in a forward thinking mindset and pull you out of your pit that you may get in.

I know I get into a pit sometimes. We live in a beautiful, amazing place, but right now our job is a lot different than what other people do everyday. We don't generally see other people for days at a time, so sometimes it gets me a little crazy because I am such a people person. Sometimes I get wayyy too in my head about things, since I communicate with such few people. BUT this has given me a GREAT opportunity to work on things in myself that I know need work. It also gives me a chance to learn about things that I wouldn't have tried to ever learn about before. Like honestly, I do love gardening, but I never thought I would have learned so much (or even wanted to) about it as I have now, in my whole life! What a great thing! Growing things is super fulfilling, and it is an incredible learning experience.

Get in your mommy mindset. Get to the place where you can be someone that you want your child to look up to. Whatever that takes. They deserve it, and they need you at your best more than anyone else ever has.

Think of these things when you are trying to get to that best version of you each day:

-Am I being someone who my family needs?

-Can I encourage someone when I am in this type of mindset?

-Do I show and live out love?

-Am I going to make my child/family a better person/people by being who I am, right now?

-Are my imperfections going to dictate my attitude today?

-MOST IMPORTANTLY: Am I doing my best ?

I hope this can bring some light to you and your little family. Sometimes we just need that little push to get us where we need to be, and I hope this is it for you! You've got big potential.

Have a great week-

talk to you soon!