Patterns, Patterns, Patterns! How To Mix And How To Match.

There are so many patterns in this world, and sometimes we can't choose just one! Well, you don't have to! Today I'm teaching y'all how to mix patterns without clashing or looking wayyy too busy. Let's do this!

So a great place to start is by choosing your anchor pattern. Generally this pattern is large, and can be used for a wall paper, bed spread, sofa, area rug, or anything that is most largely visible in your space. This pattern should have most, or if possible, all of the colors you are wanting to use in the room you are working on.

Let's use this one as our anchor pattern for today:

Since we are using pastels, we are going to stay in the pastel family. When you're mixing patterns, stay with they family that you started with, whether thats pastels or more bold colors. Bold stay with bold, pastel stay with pastel. The pattern below compliments the one above really well!

When working with multiple patterns, make sure that you use odd numbers. This gives better balance to the space and patterns in it. For example, if you are putting different patterns on a bed using pillows and linens, make sure you use an odd number of patterns in your creation. Also, make sure that these patterns do not compete with each other. This is how things get tacky and often confuse the eye. One example of competing patterns can be found in the scale of the pattern. Make sure that you are pairing large patterns with at least one that is smaller so that things do not get too bulky.

If you are choosing to use a ton of patterns, make sure that you have a solid color introduced in order to ground your space. Solids are great for grounding a room when there are lots of patterns so that the eye can rest. It acts as the canvas for all of the great patterns and colors that you are bringing in!

Scale tip: When you are using larger patterns, make sure you put them on the larger pieces in the space. Smaller patterns should go on smaller pieces and accessories so that they don't get over used and cause the space to feel overcrowded and busy. You don't want to stress anyone out when they walk in the room do you?!

I hope these tips helped with a few of your pattern questions! If you have some concerns still, let me know! I'd love to talk them through with you.

What are some patterns that you have put together? I'd love to see your work of art!

Have a fabulous weekend!