Valentines Day For The Babes

Last year on Valentines Day my little girl was only 3 months old, so we didn't do anything huge for her.

This year she is a little over a year old, and I can't wait to show you guys what I've put together for her Valentine's Day treat (plus a few extra ideas).

You know I'm all about that budget, but I'm also all about those cute gifts. Here is a little breakdown of what our little is going to open up for her first "real" Valentine's Day. Hopefully you will be inspired and be able to gift your little babe with some goodies of his/her own this year.

Lots of love,



1. Lisa Frank Coloring Book

This one may or may not be because of my love for Lisa Frank. But why not? Especially with her love for kitties.

2. Unicorn Frappe LipSmacker

Every girls first lip balm, plus a little sass.

3. Kiddie Gardening Set

Start 'em young, am I right? The best place for them to learn, is outside! We can't wait for Winter to say BYE-BYE!

4. Leap Frog Tea Pot

One of Aspen's favorite toys, I'd be crazy if I didn't share it with you guys!

5. Overalls

It's almost Spring time, and Aspen loves her overalls. All of her clothes would be RUINED if she didn't wear these. Okay, maybe I love them a little more than she does. :)

6. Rainbow Beanie Boo

Too cute to pass up.

Happy Valentine's Day!